Help Ukrainian Refugees in Romania

Since the Russian invasion in late February, tens of thousands of Ukrainians, mostly women and children, have been pouring across the border into Romania seeking refuge and help Missio Link International, through its church partners along the border, is stepping in to bring aid and hope to these refugees. How Can You Help? Pray for […]

Crossing the Threshold Matching Campaign

We are crossing the threshold! In May of 2022, MLI’s long awaited Alpinis Leadership Center will be opening their doors! The first guests will be our youth camps from around Romania. Our Deborah Center girls will be among the first to walk through the doors and find their beautiful rooms awaiting a week of camp […]

The Inside Out Initiative

Church Partnership The leadership team of Missio International and Missio Link International has enjoyed connecting Christian congregations in Romania and America since 1994. These international partnerships involve worship, discipleship, missional engagements, multi-generational friendships, material and spiritual blessings, and a mutual love that transcends culture, advances God’s kingdom, and embodies Christian unity. While God’s Gospel is […]

August 2021 Newsletter: Mitspa House

Welcome to the Neighborhood! The residents of Giarmata, Romania have a new neighbor with the planned transition of Mitspa House from Timisoara to the smaller village of Giarmata, also home to the “sister” Missio Link International (MLI) ministry of Deborah House.  Since 2017, against a backdrop of escalating abuse and exploitation in Romania, particularly among […]

Hillsborough Free Presbyterian Church Matching Grant 2021

Corvin Castle in Hunedoara, Romania May I tell you a story? It is a story that may be hard to read because it is hurtful and frightening. At the same time, it may be hard to believe because of its remarkable ending. Indeed, it is much like our fairy tales found in every culture and people group, […]

The LINK – June 2021

Alpinis Edition This edition of The Link will tell some of the stories and vision that have defined Missio Link International’s beautiful mountaintop retreat named Alpinis. It is a story that dates back to the early Romans in 100 AD, to this day in 2021! I find Romania is a study in contrasts. It is […]

There are Heroes Among Us…

What if I told you that there are heroes living among us? They may not wear capes or masks, they may not have super strength or the power to shoot spider-webs out of their hand, but they are heroes nonetheless.

When Hurt Turns to Hope

Dorina’s parents both died of alcoholism within a year of each other while Dorina was of preschool age.  During her early childhood she suffered the typical child abuse from alcoholic parents, including severe malnutrition.  Following the parents deaths the village elders placed Dorina with a relative, a woman who “entertained” strange men in the one […]

Going to Great Heights to Provide Education

Imagine you’re a 13-year-old boy living in a village in rural Romania. You’re filled with hopes and dreams for the future. Maybe you dream of being an astronaut or becoming a teacher. Maybe you dream of becoming a doctor or business man. But in an instant, everything changes. Both your parents have died of aids […]

A School that Spreads Hope

  Every woman deserves the opportunity to be employable in order to provide for her family. Unfortunately, not every women gets this opportunity in Romania. Iasmina was not given this opportunity. Iasmina is a 27 year old single mother of three children. For a long time, she had to stay at home with her children […]