A School that Spreads Hope


Every woman deserves the opportunity to be employable in order to provide for her family. Unfortunately, not every women gets this opportunity in Romania. Iasmina was not given this opportunity.

Iasmina is a 27 year old single mother of three children. For a long time, she had to stay at home with her children and take care of them instead of going to find a job, to help them go to school and have everything they need for a decent life. Poverty dictated their moves for a long time.


This year Iasmina attended a vocational training through the MLI’s Moms’ School project, introduced her youngest son to kindergarten and with MLI’s help found a job. The other two older children are enrolled in the Back to School program. Today she has a job, a safe source of income and can now provide a decent life for her children.


Moms’ School is helping women, just like Iasmina, find hope.


**Though the story is true, the name and photo used is generic in order to protect the persona of the individual involved**