February 2024 LINK: CAR Edition

If you had “the legs” and the opportunity… would you rather hike the Smoky Mountains with an enthusiastic guide or thumb through a coffee table book of glorious vistas? Would you rather sit around a bonfire with your buddies or hear a TED talk about the importance of connecting with others? The amazing difference between […]

President’s Letter 2023

Advent 2023 Dear Ministry Friends, A few weeks ago, Missio Link International’s Board of Directors met and approved a ministry expense projection of $1.3 million for fiscal year 2024! While this figure is large and daunting— especially where fundraising and in-country revenue generation is concerned—it is relatively lean given the quality and quantity of transformative […]

October 2023 LINK- ALC Edition

The Activity of God I was taught once that we could describe the Activity of God in our world and among His creation as a 4-part revelation. He is a Creating God, a Healing/Redeeming God, a Sustaining God and a God who brings all things to Completion according to His will. I was reminded of […]

July 2023 Newsletter: Hillsborough Matching Grant Challenge

Hillsborough Matching Grant Dear Ministry Friends, Sometimes it’s hard for us to recognize the activity of God in our world today. A few may go out on a limb and speak of uncanny happenings that could only be explained by a supernatural intervention, but most receive it with uncertainty or disbelief. But what if miracles, […]

June 2023 LINK: Church in Mission Edition

Empowering Partnership What does it mean for Missio Link International to focus its efforts on the development of indigenous missionaries? First, what do we mean by “indigenous”? Indigenous may refer to plants and people who are native to a particular place; in this case, indigenous refers to Christian leaders who are rooted in Romania by […]

May Newsletter: CAR Prayer Journey 2023

Dear Friends, Happy Spring from Missio International (MI), and our ministry partner, Missio Link International (MLI) in Romania. Both countries have celebrated the Resurrection of our Lord, albeit one week apart due to the rich nuances of the international Body of Christ, and we walk in the refreshment of Christ alive and active among us. […]

March 2023 Newsletter

Ride for RO Kids Missio International board member Chris Duncan, son Matthew, and Romanian Pastor and President of Missio Link International Emil Toader are taking a fundraising bicycle trip the entire length of the Blue Ridge Parkway (469 miles) in early May to raise money (and awareness) for Children at Risk Ministries in Romania! This […]

February 2023 LINK: Children at Risk Edition

What do you want to be when you grow up? Ask any kid around you and you might get answers fueled by imagination and hope. I queried my grandkids and co-workers’ kids the other day and got some innovative aspirations: “a professional baseball player, an animal scientist” and one kid replied, ”the President, a farmer, […]

January 2023 Newsletter

Did You Know? If you received our newsletters and LINKs during the course of 2022, then you read how Missio Link International had a remarkable year filled with transformations. Whether you have partnered with us since our beginning (1994) or just recently joined our ministry family this year, there are probably a good number of […]

A Letter From the President

Advent 2022 Dear Ministry Partners, I hope it’s okay with you if I frame this end-of-year Advent note on behalf of Missio International in the form of a grandfather’s reflection! Since Doris and I first became grandparents a year ago (November 30, 2021), we’ve been experiencing—as often as we can—the fragile miracle of a newborn […]