President’s Letter 2023

Advent 2023

Dear Ministry Friends,

A few weeks ago, Missio Link International’s Board of Directors met and approved a ministry expense projection of $1.3 million for fiscal year 2024! While this figure is large and daunting— especially where fundraising and in-country revenue generation is concerned—it is relatively lean given the quality and quantity of transformative ministry taking place in Romania (and now Ukraine, since the war) through the work of Missio Link International.

Emil Toader’s recent prayer letter (in his role as President of MLI) captures a measure of the qualitative depth and quantitative breadth of MLI’s ministry as he invites our intercession on behalf of Ukrainian refugees (Dasha), young survivors (Lavinia, Cornelia, and Mihaela), faithful pastors (Adi Popa), and gifted teachers (Florin Iosub, Ionică Zaharie). Of course, these individual names are drawn from a much larger pool of 92 congregations, hundreds of youths impacted through the various Children at Risk and Alpinis-based programs, 400+ emerging leaders equipped through the activities of MLI’s partnership with ENTRUST, and a myriad of capacity-building activities via the Paltinis Leadership Institute.

Many of you know first-hand the names and stories of these dear saints and servant leaders through your own activities this year—during short-term mission trips in Romania (June – July), the official dedication of the Alpinis Leadership Center (June), teaching stints and trauma training among indigenous missionaries and pastors’ at Alpinis, Sinaia, Câmpina, and Carpinis (spring-summer-fall), and team-building bible studies on-site (July) and digital engagements with the Deborah girls (throughout the year).

What a gift it is for each and every one of us to be able to participate in the redemptive work of our Lord Jesus through the uniquely positioned and exceptionally committed ministry family that is Missio Link International! On behalf of those mentioned here—and countless others—please hear the leadership team of MI/MLI (US + Romania) extend to you a heartfelt “thank you” for the faithful investment of your time, talent, and treasure. Our gracious Father continues to show us favor through your sacrificial generosity and believing prayerfulness.

With the financial demands of 2024 less than a month away, our rather large task in this Advent Season, with less than a month to go in 2023, is to finish the year strong. What that means concretely for a ministry that draws a significant portion of its annual operating income from donors in the US is this: we need to raise over $115,000 before the end of the year to reach our 2023 funding goal for MLI.

Please continue to pray for all aspects of this ministry. And, if you have capacity, please consider an end of year contribution to help us enter 2024 on solid financial ground.

Gratefully yours, in Christ’s service

Kenny Woodhull

President, Missio International