March 2022 Newsletter: Ukraine Special Project

For such a time as this....

Missio Link International is well equipped for this very moment in history. With a history of caring for ‘the least of these’ they now serve Ukrainian refugees who are flooding across the border into Romania. MLI’s three mission areas are the hands and feet of our Lord for such a time as this. 

Several of MLI’s Church Partners are uniquely positioned along the borders with Ukraine. Offering shelter, food, clothing, transportation and most importantly safety for those fleeing through Romania. These churches are small but mighty in their willingness to sacrificially open their doors to those in need. MLI recently sent a large van filled with food and hygiene products that will also be used for transporting refugees.  

Through God’s provision, Lori, who serves as the Alpinis Leadership Center manager, also owns a bus company and is transporting refugees to safe places across Romania and beyond. MLI has made Alpinis available for temporary refugee housing that will provide food and shelter for over one hundred people.

MLI’s Children at Risk ministry is playing a key role for the Eastern European region in addressing the needs of children traveling alone and child trafficking. Housing is also available to shelter a few young girls and a few mothers with young children.  

The cost is great and the need is great. Churches are spending over $20 per day to host a single person, which includes food, hygiene, blankets, and operating costs. These small churches are hosting over 100 people on a daily basis; some stay, some move on the next day.  In addition to food and shelter, money is provided for those in need of other types of assistance including transportation. 

Over the last two weeks Lori’s bus company transported almost 1,000 refugees from the border into Romania. The cost of gas in Romania is approximately $7/gallon, operating buses cost money and require special permitting and licensed drivers. Funds are needed to keep the flow of people moving to avoid overrunning these small border villages. The bus company provides this service at operating cost and with no profit.

How can you help?

Pray for those fleeing and those opening up their homes and churches and vehicles.

Give to our Ukraine Special Project fund.
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